When you are still new to how purchasing and selling land work like, you probably do not know how important land surveying is. This is something that most people overlook when especially when they purchase a parcel of land and take a leap of faith by believing the measurement provided by the seller orally or with the old documents or old surveys.  

People will give you advice like getting a land surveyor in Colorado Springs or anyone you think is reputable and trustworthy. You need to understand that not all land surveyors have the same training and experience so you also need to do your part and find yourself the best performing land surveyor.  

In this article, we will share with you the top benefits of a land survey and the basic information about land surveying. 

The following are the benefits of having a land survey: 

  • They provide accurate and precise measurements of your land and put clear boundaries, settling confusions or disputes with the neighboring lands or spaces.  
  • They provide specific locations of additions, structures, and improvements.  
  • They give the location of utilities and easements 
  • They provide information regarding the slopes or any other geographic features that may have an effect on the land’s use.  
  • They give an analysis that could find out if the land is in a floodplain.  

There are different kinds of surveyors specializing in a specific field, depending on what kind of land or property they are dealing with. There are also several kinds of methods on doing surveying, and the professional surveyor may use old or new methods and technology. The popular tools that they use include: 

Tools that measure slopes called altimeters 

3D scanners that are able to capture and provide visualizations on the changes in elevation 

Electronic distance measurement device that helps when it comes to elevating the surfaces 

GPS or also known as Global Positioning System that are using satellites to capture extreme accurate land measurements 

Optical instruments that are used to measure accurately the angles on the land, also known as theodolites 

In addition, modern surveyors also use software developed to provide the overall information in different devices to create detailed land survey reports that are easy to understand by the ordinary people.  

The following are the reasons why you need a land survey:  

  • To know where you can build good structures on the land by knowing the slopes to the location of underground pipes and utility lines.  
  • To decide whether or not the land you want to purchase is used for different purposes by identifying the land or property features. 
  • To determine the accurate size of the land or property and have the legal document that could support you when legal disputes happen  
  • To know the precise measurements of your land and determine where it starts and where it ends 

Final Thoughts 

If you are planning on selling pr purchasing a parcel of land, or if you already own land and want to have the benefits we provided above, it is now the time for you to have a land survey. Also, please know that finding a reputable surveyor might not always be easy so you need to do your own research or ask for some recommendations.